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We don't usually offer the LogBI platform directly to the platform's end-users, but rather to three types of key players,
each offered a unique set of components and features, to suit its specific needs. The key players are:

Sophisticated machinery manufacturers
 Integrate LogBI as add-on to the HMI of your machines.
 Offer your clients a stand-alone version of LogBI as analytics and reporting station for plant managers.
 Use LogBI at your corporate headquarters, for R&D, support and QA engineers, as a centralized tool for data collection from you global install-base.
Add value to your machines and knowledge to your company
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Industrial software products development
SCADA/HMI, Plant intelligence, etc'
Concentrate on your core competency and knowledge, and let us provide your product with high-performance, interactive analytical layer with superior GUI.
Implement your unique process management scheme, industry-specific analyses or business intelligence algorithm over LogBI as a basis.
Add tremendous value to your products fast, with minimal effort
Industrial integrators and consultants
Offer LogBI as an analytics and reporting component as part of any industrial-oriented project or service you provide them with.
LogBI is built for integration with other SCADA/HMI/MES products.
LogBI is superior to reporting capabilities of any current HMI products.
Add value to your services, get an edge over competition, be at the front at all time