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There are 4 principal components of the LogBI platform: LogBI server, LogBI Client, LogBI Developer and
LogBI Data Collector component. These components can be used in several possible installation architectures described below.

About LogBI Server components
 All 3 editions of the LogBI servers (light, standard and enterprise) perform the back-end activities required by the platform, such as collecting and parsing raw data, executing analyses on behalf of all LogBI clients connected to the servers in an "Online mode", etc'.
 The Standard edition of the LogBI Server adds management features required in multi-client environment, such as a dedicated administrator application and also adds basic enterprise-level features such as automatic report generation capabilities.
 The Enterprise edition adds enterprise-level features such as multi-site connectivity through communication with other LogBI servers and programmatic connectivity (API) to other enterprise-level applications such as ERM and MES.
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About LogBI Client components
Acting as the front end interface of the platform, all LogBI Client editions (Standard, HMI and Terminal) are equipped with sophisticated analyses and reporting capabilities.
Charts, tables and report may be provided out-of-the-box or created to meet specific needs by LogBI power-users or integrator-companies (through the LogBI developer defined below). Users may display and interact with these charts, tables and report, in order to pinpoint any significant event, and perform the right actions accordingly.
The LogBI Client HMI edition is offered for OEM solutions to be bundled with either machines or HMI/SCADA applications.
The LogBI Client Standard edition can be used near a machine if it is so required (as part of the machine's HMI), or centrally, monitoring any number of data-generating devices.
The LogBI Client Terminal edition can be purchased and used only with a LogBI server.
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About other LogBI components
The LogBI Developer allows end-users to create custom charts, tables and reports which were not supplied with the LogBI installation. System integrators can use this platform to create additional reports for their clients.
LogBI Data Collector component is reserved for OEM solutions where central databases are not part of the original configuration, and is not discussed further in this document.