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Machine manufacturers architectures
LogBI Solution architectures for machine manufacturers
There are at least three different possible architectures applicable for OEM solutions with machine manufacturers, each of which has different components, capabilities, and values:
  • LogBI Enterprise installation: manufacturer-oriented, has the highest value for the machine manufacturer, with derived high values for his clients, with high complexity and costs
  • LogBI distributed installation: client-oriented, offers direct high values to the machine manufacturer's clients, with derived moderate values for the machine manufacturer, with medium complexity and costs
  • LogBI for HMI: client-oriented, offers direct values only to the machine manufacturer's clients, with low complexity and costs
LogBI can also be used as a solution mix, in which LogBI enterprise solution is implemented with some of the clients only, while the other clients are supplied with distributed installations or LogBI-for-HMI only, according to their needs and budget.
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