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Main advantages
Values to different stakeholders
Machine integration
Manufacturers of sophisticated machines or production lines

For the machines you manufacture to be at the forefront of technology, you invest a great deal of time in the design and development of hardware components, real-time software modules, algorithms etc'. One thing you must do as well is to provide your clients with some level of reporting capabilities to allow them to analyze the outcome of the processes carried out by your machines. But this is probably not your core business.
It is, however, OUR core business.

LogBI offers high-end, high-performance, analytical and reporting capabilities, with superior user-interactivity, ease of use, and state-of-the-art graphics. LogBI is nourished by all are other customers and constantly evolves and extends. Bundle LogBI with your products, rebrand it to your needs, and keep your focus on your core competency. This is much better than trying to reinvent the wheel with your own software development team.

Bundle LogBI platform components with your products:
  • As an add-on to the HMI of your machines.
  • As a stand-alone station which analyzes any number of your machines on a single or multiple plants level.
  • As a data collection component to report any data produced or inspected by the machine back to your corporate headquarters central server. This invaluable information will be of great help all your company's stakeholders, including R&D, support and QA engineers.