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Support Policy
LogBI Support Policy
Softwear is very pleased to announce our 1-year standard support policy to our customers and partners. LogBI product will be supported from one year after the next major superseding release.

The main goal of this policy is to facilitate planning within our customer base. This policy offers the following benefits for our customers and partners:

Extended Support status will be available at least 12 months before end of Standard

Longer industry competitive standard support terms facilitate customer planning

The cost of extended support will be consistent across customer base
Support Hours
Sunday through Thursday 9:00am - 9:00pm EST (8:00am to 8:00pm GMT)
Extension of Support Periods
In some cases, LogBI Software may choose to extend its support of certain version beyond the dates specified in this document.

Announcements to this effect will be made through the LogBIC Software Web site and the Proactive Notification service via the Release Notes of the affected product version.
Additional Information
Additional information regarding the availability and support periods of certain product versions from

Find the contact information for the LogBI Software here.

Note that Proactive Notification email messages and the associated documentation is provided to LogBI Software customers in English, at this point in time.