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Charts/Reports creation
User interface
Automatic reports distribution
Security and Reliability
Analytical capabilities
1Administration capabilities
List of predefined reports
Client-Server Architecture
Client-Server Architecture
1Users may work on-line or off-line. Reports are created from central repository or from local files, accordingly. Off-line state allows users to work when connectivity is limited or non-existent. This architecture ensures that critical data is always kept in sync with all clients. Also, when working on-line, all calculations are made on a central high-performance server, which cuts load on local-CPUs, and minimizes transmission time (and bandwidth).

Main features

1The server stores all machine data from the entire enterprise, and automatically generates and distributes reports. The server can also perform other periodical tasks, such as data-purge, data collection, etc'.

When working in on-line mode, all calculations are made on a central server, to cut load on local-CPUs, and to minimize transmission time (and bandwidth).

All data is saved into a centralized SQL-Server database (both locally and on the server).