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How does it works and what can I do with it?
LogBI is an expert software platform for industrial process efficiency monitoring, proactive maintenance and event analysis.
LogBI collects machine-generated data including events, production counts, operational states of the machine and its components, etc'.
LogBI utilizes analytical capabilities and sophisticated reporting engine.
LogBI is used to improve production capacity, reduce costs, and increase efficiency, quality and reliability of factories and products.
LogBI can be used by plant owners as a stand-alone application, or by machinery manufacturers as a component.
LogBI saves time by mitigating repetitive tasks through user-defined templates and filters, and automatic report generation and distribution.
LogBI implements complex and advanced analytical capabilities, unrivaled by any common database querying tools.
Application structure - modules
Machine manager: manages and controls machines, their locations and their attributes.
Chart/Grid engine: creates grids (tables) and charts with analyzed data.
Print manager: assembles template-based reports (data-tables and charts) using Power-point presentations, PDF documents, Excel workbooks, etc', preparing them for distribution.
Administrator utility: controls system-wide configurations, users, permissions, etc.
LogBI service: performs periodical actions like data logs retrieve, automatic generation and distribution of reports, etc'.
Main features
Client-Server architecture: central server supports all clients
Users may switch between on-line & off-line modes, and between different environments (test/production)
Data is collected automatically from machines using a variety of file-types
Data is analyzed to produce actionable reports
Data is displayed as charts or tables, and may be assembled into Reports (PDF, PPT, Excel, etc').
Dozens of predefined reports are included
Report templates and filters are used for automatic distribution
Print-manager wizard allows creating report templates for fast reuse
Filter-sets can be named, saved, and reapplied easily
A Chart generation wizard allows the creation of customized user charts
High reliability and high performance
Specs and control-limits produce notifications and alerts
Advanced permissions platform
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