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Main advantages
Values to different stakeholders
Machine integration
Manufacturers of sophisticated machines or production lines
LogBI's main advantages for the machine manufacturer

The LogBI platform offers many advantages to a manufacturing company. In general, your end-users will enjoy the following new capabilities/features:
  • Analytical and Reporting layer is added to the machines, allowing end-users to monitor and visualize their processes
  • Reports can be generated by the manufacturer and provided to the clients as a service(*)
  • Manufacturer can offer clients information which is analyzed from their entire global install-base (not accessible to any single client), such as best production recipes(*)
(* Requires LogBI Enterprise Installation)

The value of your machines will increase, because your clients will now be able to:
  • Improve equipment performance and overall plant capacity
  • Reduce maintenance, production and overhead costs
  • Improve plant efficiency and reliability
  • Improve production quality
  • Prevent production losses and equipment deterioration
  • Reduce maintenance time and extend overhaul intervals
You will also be able to reduce your direct costs, because if you are the one who produces the reports for the client, you may analyze machine failures in favor of company's obligations as dictated its SLA with the client.

If you offer your machines as OEM components of other machines or production lines, you can offer LogBI's data collection features and architecture as part of your OEM offering. This may provide you with the Competitive edge you need to win these OEM deals (usually lucrative).