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Main advantages
Values to different stakeholders
Machine integration
Manufacturers of sophisticated machines or production lines
LogBI-Machine integration

LogBI is designed to be tailored to each unique machine based on the data it produces to describe its process, throughput, operational state, usage, and so on. Once data structures are established, many predefined reports are made immediately available for that machine. Data is collected from all facets of the machine operation.

It may include:
  • Machine events
  • Production counts (Total/good/scrap)
  • Machine operational states
  • Events generated by internal machine components and gauges
  • Manually-reported machine-operator information
  • Machine parameters, production recipes, machine-parts serial numbers
  • Product IDs and tracking information

The LogBI-Collect Module engine is optimized for speed and large amounts of data. It performs sophisticated preprocessing to avoid collecting any unnecessary information, and translates raw data into meaningful information used later by charts and reports.